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Motorized bikes on the Brum Recreation Ground

It has been noted that people are carrying motorized bikes over the gate into the Brum area. These types of bikes and quad bikes are not allowed on the Brum recreation area as they are a danger to other users. if anyone sees this happening, please either take a photo and send to the Clerk of the parish council or contact the local police.

Widening of the narrow section/unpaved area of Dilmore Lane

The land ownership issue has been resolved and Taylor Wimpey have to apply to do the works necessary to widen the road.  Councillor Tony Miller is applying pressure to ensure this is performed before the development is totally inhabited, otherwise it is understood that the responsibility to do this will then pass to the residents.

Traffic lights on the A38/Hurst Lane

The traffic lights are currently being installed and they will be 4 way which will allow users of the car park to exit at the lights.  Priority will be given to the A38 and Hurst Road.  The installation will take 6 weeks and is scheduled over August, there will be one definite weekend closure on 25/8/19 and another weekend closure on 2/9/19 is scheduled if there are any issues.  The Parish Council have expressed their extreme concern about the lights and the impact of them on the businesses in Fernhill Heath and the effect on the residents.